Bathroom Design Tips

If you have just decided you want to re design your bathroom, or you are putting a second bathroom in, you need to have a plan before you start. Many bathrooms suffer from a total lack of planning or integration, they are just a random mix of what are often conflicting styles. It’s always easiest to start from scratch, although you may have one or two main features in your bathroom that you like and want to keep.

So the first decision is; to install a completely new bathroom or to remodel the existing setup. This will often be decided by budget limitations and the reason for the bathroom remodeling in the first place. You may be planning on selling the property, in which case, the bathroom design needs to be as generic as possible to appeal to as broad a range of tastes as possible, and, obviously not too expensive. However, if it is for yourself and your family and you intend to stay in your home for several years yet, then the sky’s the limit (or, more likely, your wallet).

A good move is to start with a floor plan of the bathroom and establish a budget. Then visit a few large bathroom fitting retail outlets and have a good look around to see what is available and at what price, maybe take notes and certainly collect a few brochures. You then need to decide which major plumbing fixtures this new bathroom is going to have like a shower, bath, bidet etc. Floor space and budget will be limiting factors but you need to sit down and plan it out carefully. You will undoubtedly have seen some fixtures you like the look of and ideally you want all of them to match.

Another aspect of choosing the fixtures will be lighting and ventilation. You will need to budget for these as well as have them on your shopping list when you go out to look at bathroom fixtures. Another aspect is, of course, what type of flooring you want to install and this could be one of the features that will eat more heavily into your budget than you may have originally expected. So your floor plan will help you to establish the floor space that needs to be covered and you will need to get a quote for fitting the floor as well, and this to some extent may be affected by the condition of your bathroom floor at present; How even it is, if any floorboards need replacing etc.

Any electrical appliances you are installing need particular care when it comes to safety in a bathroom, so it is always advisable to get a qualified electrician to install these for you.

Last of all you need to consider the decoration of the walls and ceilings, which should be the easiest to budget and possibly the hardest to agree on, it is safe to say a bright shade is always a good starting point and you will always have a wider range of paint and wallpaper to choose from than fittings like baths, toilets and sink units so choose those first then choose your wall colours afterwards.

Once you have the location and design of the all- important fixtures decided, you have to cost out the actual installation, and it’s always best to get at least three individual quotes (in writing) to compare. Make sure you get these in writing and you have definite start end completion dates agreed and in writing also. Never pay for the work in advance, a part payment or deposit is reasonable, but it’s best to have some form of leverage before the job is complete in case you are not happy with the standard of work.