Consumer Unit Upgrades

Many households in the UK have old electrical wiring in them, with the old style fuse boxes and rewireable fuses. This is dangerous to the occupants because nowadays we are all using many more electrical appliances than we did 20 years ago or more. Equipment such as computers, dishwashers, washing machines as well as lighting and heating systems and other high current appliances all put a heavy load on the old-fashioned mains fuse box, which is completely redundant by modern safety standards.

Fuses and fuse wire are totally archaic compared to the modern consumer unit, which will protect you from fire and electric shock as well as inconvenient or dangerous power outages. Old fuse wire actually hardens over the years and therefore will be more likely to fail when it is needed to work the most, which can be extremely dangerous.

At KDE we have the knowledge and experience to allow you to have your wiring and appliances inspected, tested and replaced where necessary. Consumer unit upgrades are something of a specialty here at KDE. We can supply and install a brand new 17th edition consumer unit so that you can just live your life and get on with the things you want to do without having to give a second thought to electrical safety in your home or commercial property. You will be safe in the knowledge that you, your family (or employees) are completely protected from the risks associated with old wiring and fuse boxes that really are obsolete and dangerous by today’s standards.

It is simply too important to ignore this safety installation that could easily save the lives of you and your family as accidents can and do happen; UK government statistics indicate that over 700 people are injured and at least 10 are killed due to faulty or old electrical wiring every year. This is why RCDs and circuit breakers, which provide protection from current surges, are so important to have in your property. Our team of highly trained and professional staff will be able to help you every step from inspection and testing to supplying and installing consumer unit upgrades with the minimum of inconvenience to you. If you are living in the Warrington or Chester areas or further afield including the whole of Cheshire, Merseyside and Lancashire why not call us today and talk to one of our friendly and highly experienced staff, we are here to help!