Electrical Installation Condition Reports

When it comes to electrical installations, safety is always a key factor. We often assume that these electrical installations are safe for us to use, most of the time they are perfectly safe, but sometimes they are not. This is where electrical installation condition reports can be valuable for our health and safety either at home or at work.

An electrical installation is not an appliance like a cooker or refrigerator; it is the cabling, the fuse box/consumer unit and circuit breakers, all of the supply system that links those appliances including lights, computers, heating, etc. to the mains supply. In some cases the cabling and fuse box can be old and in need of replacement. The standards state that it should be checked at least every 10 years as a minimal precaution.

These cables that conduct electricity can often become damaged, either as a result of wear and tear or simply age. This is why these reports are so important. It is only when a trained and certificated professional has performed the industry standard tests during the installation and afterwards at regular intervals can an electrical installation be considered safe and fit to be used. At KDE Ltd we are aware of the importance of these reports and we have trained and experienced staff and engineers to complete to works to a very high standard.

Electrical installation condition reports should prove that the installation has been professionally inspected and tested and that any serious issues have been recorded and can be referred to in the future to maintain safety. For a domestic installation there will typically be two types of reports, a visual condition report and an installation condition report, which is more thorough and far more likely to detect damaged cabling or connections.

Here at KDE, we can supply you with all of the hardware and technical know-how to make sure your electrical wiring and appliances are safe for you, your family or employees to use safely. Call us today on 01928 711444.