Kitchen Design and Installation Tips

When you are thinking about a new kitchen, the first thing you need to decide is whether to remodel or completely rebuild it from the ground up. The former will always be less expansive, and budget will always be a limiting factor. So, once this decision is made then you need to set a budget and decide how you are going to invest it. Certain aspects of kitchen design are easy to work out, like the cost of a new refrigerator or cooker as the installation costs are minimal, but if you plan to add a new floor or move a sink unit you have to get quotes for the labour, as well as the materials.

When planning it all out it is a good idea to consider how many people will be using the kitchen at any given time, do you want it to be a kitchen only or a kitchen diner combination? Obviously the amount of space you have in the room will limit your choices there. A floor plan will certainly be useful when it comes to planning out the locations of each appliance and fitting as the kitchen is the room that really does need that planning the most.

Your lifestyle can be a strong influence on the requirements of a kitchen and you will need to balance the essentials, those being efficiency, budget and style. It is worth spending some time thinking about exactly what you need from your kitchen and then you can start to plan based on those individual requirements, which are often different from one family to the next.

The efficiency of a kitchen is all about making it as convenient as possible for you to do the tasks you need to do there, and the location of the fixtures and appliances relative to each other can make all the difference. The kitchen is a space where you prepare food but it is also where you have to bring in groceries, clean, wash dishes and store a large number of utensils. It is very easy to make the mistake of placing the cooker too close to the sink for instance, leaving insufficient room for food preparation. The distance between cooker, sink, refrigerator can make the difference between a smooth running kitchen and a food preparation nightmare.

Budgeting the new kitchen can be difficult as there can be so many variables and the costs can soon go out of control so it’s always good to establish a budget and agree on what proportion is going to go on, say, the new flooring, any major remodeling and the appliances themselves, the water and lighting fixtures and, finally, the wall and ceiling decoration.