Kitchen Fitters Tips

When you are having your kitchen remodeled or replaced it is often preferable and economical to engage the services of an experienced kitchen fitter, who will be responsible for the entire job. During the planning stages, they should be able to make useful suggestions regarding the layout and the placement of the appliances you are installing. One option worth considering is a pull-out waste bin fitted into one of your lower cupboards. A kitchen fitter will also hopefully be helpful in choosing the ideal flooring and tiling, which may be one of the most expensive parts of the job  so you need to get those just perfect.

At KDE we realise that an individual  fitter may not be qualified to perform every single installation and we are fortunate to have fitters with all the various skills required on our staff. Whoever you use, make sure they have the right skill base.

Once your kitchen fitting has been completed it’s crucial that you look over the work that has been done before you pay the contractor their final balance. You may feel pressured to approve and pay but you need to check that the work is of acceptable quality and then sign off the work as complete.

These are some of the points you may need to check over before handing over your money…

Check the counter top height by measuring; it should be on average 36” and also the height of the cabinets, if you have any, which should be 18” above the counter top. Check all electrical appliances work properly.

You should look for any gaps between the counter tops and the cooker where debris can fall, which would not be acceptable; it should all be perfectly flush. All cabinet doors should open and close freely, check all of them and make sure they all close and fit flush with their surrounds.

Also pay particular attention to how the kitchen drawer units pull out, make sure they are all running smoothly on their rollers and, if there is a corner where two drawers pull out, where one has to be closed for the other to open, that there is room for your fingers when you pull them out and that you won’t trap them as this can be a hazard.

Open and close every single hinged unit particularly things like refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher doors to check that they don’t bang into anything else as this would need rectifying and represent some expense to the contractor, and a lot of inconvenience and annoyance to you if you have to chase them to fix it later. It is always better to withhold final payment until after you have checked every single detail, after all, you will have to live with it for a long time afterwards.

For KDE - we both to get it right and we guarantee to get it right for you - that is what you should expect.