Mar 17, 2015

Outdoor Lighting

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Posted by: kdeadmin

Installing security lighting around your home is not only a useful deterrent for intruders, it's also practical for you as a home owner, as it's often useful to have a light coming on by the front door or shed if you need to step outside after dark.

Where to install it?

Of course, you can put a light anywhere you think it's going to be useful to you, but from a security point of view it's best to make sure that doors, windows, garden gates and any other potential access points into the house or garden are brightly lit.

Put lights up high, as this not only helps them cover a wider area but also reduces the risk of them being tampered with. Ensure that the light's not going to shine into a neighbour's window once it's positioned.

What to choose?

Any light that's mounted outdoors must be weather proof, so choose one that's specifically designed for exterior use. Lights are rated 'IP' (Ingress Protection) along with a two digit number - the higher the number, the more protection it offers. The minimum for an outdoor light is 4, but we'd recommend a higher level of protection.

There are many options when choosing the type of lighting to install, here are three:

  • Lights controlled from a master switch inside the property. These have the advantage that they're only on when you want them, but the disadvantage that they may not be on when you need them! You can fit these lights with a timer switch so they'll be on when you get home, and this will help give the impression of occupancy when you're out.
  • A motion-sensor light fitted with a passive infrared sensor (PIR) turns on automatically when it detects movement, and turns itself off when the movement is no longer there. These type of lights can also be fitted with an on/off master control as above.
  • Dusk until dawn security lighting. These low pressure sodium lights, turned on and off automatically by a photo-electric cell, are ideal for the rear of the house and are not as intrusive as motion-sensor lights. They can also be more cost effective to run.

Whatever type of light you choose, you should have it installed by a professional electrician who'll advise on location, what you need and also fit a circuit breaker if necessary. For more information about how our electricians can help with all your security lighting needs, give us a call today on 01928 711444.