Mar 25, 2015

Power Flushing

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The inside of a central heating system can potentially start to corrode as water in the system reacts with the steel in the radiators, producing thick, black sludge.  When you have a new system installed, an engineer will normally carry out a flush to remove any debris or mineral oil and also add a chemical inhibitor to protect the installation, making it run more efficiently.

If you have a leak or need a new boiler installing, though, the sludge, along with iron oxide (rust) and limescale, can start to build up again and cause 

blocked pipework or damage to the boiler, pump, radiator valves or radiators. The boiler might also be very noisy, and you might find cold spots on your radiators where they're not working efficiently.

Flushing a central heating system is a good investment, as it will help prolong the life of your system and reduce fuel wastage. It's a time-consuming job that's best left to an engineer, who'll be able to carry it out with minimum mess and inconvenience.  

How does power flushing work?

The engineer will connect a high flow/low pressure pumping unit to your heating system and use chemicals to wash any debris or residue through and also treat any areas of corrosion. The process generally takes a day, but if your system is very big or the engineer finds any damage it could take slightly longer.

How can I tell if my system needs power flushing?

If your boiler is noisy, your heating system is inefficient and slow to warm up, your hot water looks cloudy or your fuel bill is abnormally high, it's well worth getting the system checked by a registered engineer, who'll be able to tell if you have any active inhibitor in the system and recommend any further actions.

If your system is fairly new then it shouldn't need flushing, but you could consider installing a magnetic filter. This will remove any floating debris and keeps the system clean in future, preventing any build up.

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