Apr 15, 2015

Electrical Safety for Children

Category: General
Posted by: kdeadmin

These days, most of us would struggle to live our lives without electricity. We take it for granted every day, from plugging in our mobile phone chargers to turning on the dishwasher. We're so used to using electricity, though, that we forget it's a potential killer, especially where babies and young children are concerned.

Babies are curious. They love to stick little fingers into sockets, turn switches on and yank at cables, all of which could lead to burns, injuries or even death.

To child-proof your home, start by identifying any hazards, focussing on one room at a time. Remember to think like a small child, rather than an adult.

Look for:

  • All electrical sockets, including those hidden behind furniture such as sofas or beds.
  • Any dangling power cords.
  • Any extension leads on the ground.
  • Any sockets that would really cause problems if they were unplugged, such
    as freezers or computers.

Once you've identified potential hazards, you can deal with them as follows:

For any sockets that don't have a plug in them permanently, you can use a child proof cover. They plug into the socket and 'blank' off the socket holes, removing the temptation - but you do need to remember to plug the covers back in once you've used the socket. For a more expensive but safer option, you can fit an electrical outlet socket cover which has spring-loaded shutters than spring back across once the plug is removed, closing the holes.

Extension leads are difficult to baby-proof. Remove them when not in use, or ask a qualified electrician to fit more electrical sockets so that leads are not needed.

To deal with dangling power cords such as toasters or kettles, either shorten the leads, move the appliance to the back of the worktop or coil the lead up and stick it down on the counter with duct tape.

Our qualified KDE Ltd electricians can assess your home for accident potential, and help you to put solutions in place to keep you and your family safe. For more information or advice, call us today on 01928 711444.