May 12, 2015

How Safe is Your Home?

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Posted by: kdeadmin

May of us have a tendency to treat electricity with a lack of respect. After all, every day we're switching on kettles, plugging in hair dryers, using the iron and making use of a dozen electrical household appliances, so it's easy to forget just how powerful and dangerous electricity can be. In 2010 alone, 22 people died at home by electrocution, while a staggering 2.5 million received a mains voltage electrical shock, of which 350,000 suffered serious injuries. That's without counting the 

hundreds of people who die each year in house fires caused by electrical faults, as well.

With all that in mind, conducting regular safety checks is the smart thing to do. Here's how:

Safety first

Walk round your house with a notebook, and make a note of all electrical appliances.Check each one visually, and make sure it looks like it's in good condition. Make a note of any problems, as well - you're looking for damaged or worn plugs or frayed cables, cracked casing, pulled wires or any other sign of damage. If you uncover several problems, it's worth asking a qualified electrician for advice; otherwise, repair or replace the appliance. In addition to making regular checks, following some simple guidelines will help keep your home a safe place.

Don't repair electrical appliances while they're plugged in.

Don't leave electrical cables trailing near hot surfaces such as cookers.

Check appliances you don't use often or that have been in long- term storage before use

If you smell burning from any appliance, switch it off immediately and have it checked.

Don't run one extension lead from another, and don't overload plug sockets.

If you have trouble remembering to turn off appliances such as irons and electric blankets after use, set an alarm on your phone.

Residual current devices (RCD's) will prevent a fatal electric shock if you touch something live like a bare wire. This works by cutting power in the event of a surge. Many homes have these fitted as standard to the mains, but otherwise fitting one could be a life saver. Don't forget to fit smoke alarms and test them regularly, too.

Our qualified KDE Ltd electricians can help find and solve any electrical problems around the home, giving you and your family peace of mind. For more information or advice, call our team today on 01928 711444.