May 22, 2015

Why Choose a Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

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How to stay gas safe

Like electricity, gas is something many of us use every day - whenever we turn the cooker on, fire up the central heating or flip the switch on the gas fire. Just like electricity, though, gas has the potential to cause fatal accidents if it's not respected. Gas appliances that haven't been correctly installed or looked after can put you at risk of fires, explosions and poisoning, so it's vital to use an expert for installation and maintenance.

What are the risks?

could cause an explosion if it's accidentally ignited. If you smell gas, call a Gas Safe Registered engineer immediately to investigate. Potentially Gas that leaks from corroded pipes and faulty appliances is inflammable, and more dangerous than a gas leak is carbon monoxide, a highly poisonous gas which can also leak from faulty appliances. It can cause severe long-term health problems such as brain damage, and it can also be fatal. To make sure you're safe, get all gas appliances serviced once a year by a Gas Safe Registered engineer, and install a carbon monoxide detector near boilers, fires or cookers.

Why choose a Gas Safe Registered engineer?

It's illegal for anyone to carry out any form of installation or maintenance work on domestic gas appliances if they're not on the Gas Safe Register, the official list of gas engineers qualified to work safely in the UK. To prove they're registered, any engineer you choose will carry an identity card giving their personal details and the categories of work they're qualified to undertake. The Gas Safe Register have their own team of inspectors who periodically check that gas work is being carried out correctly, and that your engineer is conforming to the correct standards.

The scheme was introduced in 2009 to help raise awareness of domestic gas safety risks such as leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning, and to keep problems to a minimum by making sure that engineers are competent and qualified.

Our Gas Safe Registered engineers can carry out safety checks, installation and servicing of gas appliances around your home for full peace of mind. For more information or advice, call our team today on 01928 711444.