Jun 24, 2015

The Worlds Most Expensive Bathroom

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Posted by: kdeadmin

Are you thinking about doing up your bathroom? It's certainly a tried and tested way of adding some extra value to your home. How much have you put aside for the refurbishment? £1,500? £5,000? How about £2.4 million? That's the sort of budget you'll need to re-create the world's most expensive bathroom. Although there have been extravagant bathrooms installed all over the world, from Eastern palaces to five star hotels, the official holder of the title, according to the Guiness Book of Records, is Hong Kong jewellery magnate Lam Sai-wing.  

In 2001, he built a bathroom made entirely from gold and precious stones in his showroom, at a cost of 27 million Hong Kong dollars (then worth around £2.4 million).  The whole construction took a staggering 380 kg of pure gold, and over 6,000 precious stones.  All the fixtures, including the lavatory bowl, cleaning brushes, paper holder, mirror frames, wall tiles and even doors were all made out of 24-carat gold, and a security guard stood watch night and day. The toilet was fully functional and flushable, with a gemstone-encrusted flush handle.

The bathroom took several years to complete, and became an instant tourist attraction as as many as 100 tour groups a day flocked to see it. It was also a solid advertisement for Mr Lam's business, Hong Fung Gold Technology. The idea worked so well that Mr Lam added more rooms to his golden hall including a bedroom, and embellished the decor with golden statues of Chinese gods and goddesses. The finished display area covered 2,100 square metres, and was named the Swisshorn Gold Palace.

In 2008, as gold prices crept towards a thousand dollars an ounce, Hong Fung liquidated the golden palace and sent the fixtures and fittings to be melted down. The only surviving piece of the world's most expensive bathroom is the golden toilet - but history doesn't relate if it was ever used or not!

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