Gas Landlord Safety Certificates

All landlords who rent out property to tenants where there are any kinds of gas appliances in use are required by law to have a gas safety certificate for the property. They need to have all gas appliances checked annually by a gas safe registered engineer as per the Gas Safety Regulations 1998. Gas Safe is now the UK gas safety standard; it replaced the Corgi standard in 2009. Here at KDE we are specialists in all aspects of domestic and commercial property gas installations.

Once the inspections have been carried out, gas landlord safety certificates can be issued to the landlord and the tenant respectively, this would always need to be carried out by a professional certified Gas Safe registered engineer. The responsibility for maintaining the appliances is the landlord’s so they would need to keep these well maintained regularly and keep records of any repairs or work done. This would include inspecting the condition of any gas appliances after a tenant has moved out of the property, as well as re- inspecting the appliances prior to a new tenant moving in, even if the property was still covered under the last inspection. The landlord would have to maintain good communications with their tenants in order to gain access to the properties for the purpose of inspecting, maintaining and replacing appliances when necessary.

The fact is, gas appliances and their connection to the gas supply, if not adequately maintained, are potentially very hazardous to the health of the tenants for several reasons; the most obvious being the risk of fire or explosion but also the less well recognized hazard of carbon monoxide. This lethal gas is hard to detect without an electronic detector and often builds up in flues or be produced by the normal operation of appliances like central heating boilers and gas fires.

A KDE gas safe engineer will routinely disconnect any appliance that is believed to be unsafe in any way and they will inspect and test systems like cut-off valves, meters as well as water heaters and fires, flues as well as portable LPG units, (which are notorious for causing carbon monoxide build- up when used in a badly ventilated area). Carbon monoxide kills an average of 28 people per year and many more people will suffer mild to chronic symptoms as a result of breathing these fumes unknowingly. Proper ventilation is also an important aspect of maintaining safety in any property that has gas appliances present.

Leave it to us at KDE to inspect, test and maintain your gas appliances and installations. We will ensure that everything is checked by a gas safe qualified engineer and the required safety certificates issued. By issuing gas landlord safety certificates KDE will provide peace of mind to both your tenants and yourself that all the installation and gas appliances in your properties are well maintained and safe for your tenants to use.