Plumbing Maintenance / Plumber

It can be a real nightmare when a plumbing issue appears and, naturally, you will want to get it fixed with the minimum of bother but if you can do it yourself, then that means a significant saving to you.

A very common plumbing issue is water pipes make loud noises when you turn them on; sometimes it can be a deafening banging noise and it is surprisingly easy to sort out – All you have to do is locate the mains water stop tap and set it to closed. Then, go and turn all your taps on in the house (don’t forget the outside tap if you have one) once they have all run dry, you can turn them all off and set the stop tap back to open, try your taps again. It’s likely that the blocked air in the pipes will have gone and so will the noises.

Blocked drainpipes are another common problem and, obviously, the blockage has to be removed. Hair tends to be the culprit in bathrooms and showers whereas in kitchen drains it will often be grease. When you dump liquid grease down the drain it solidifies as soon as it cools, combining with other waste food material and causing a blockage. The solution is to use caustic soda crystals you can buy from supermarkets and hardware stores, follow the instructions and you will soon have the blockage dissolved. In future, put your cooking oil on one side to cool before disposing of in the waste bin and never dump down the drain in future.

If you have a leaky water pipe you need to get it attended to immediately as it can cause serious damage to your home, ruining carpets and causing damp and rot to set into floorboards. Also if waste water comes into contact with electrical wires or appliances it can be fatal for anyone who steps in an electrified puddle or wet carpet. This situation calls for a professional plumber to be called straight away. If you have any kind of flooding situation get the mains electricity switched immediately to safeguard your family’s safety.

When you do call a plumber out it’s a good idea to combine as many jobs as possible to get the most out of their visit as it costs so much for a callout, so having a list is a good plan. If you don’t already have a regular plumber that you use who you are already happy with, you have to find one and this can be a problem, one solution is to ask around and get referrals. If there is a tradesman or company you already use and have had good service from, ask them for a referral as well as from neighbours and friends in your area.

The last resort is obviously the phone book and the internet and if you have to judge a local plumber completely cold then you can look for on line reviews as well as when you interview them for the first time, ask if their work is guaranteed. Always make sure that they are professionally licensed and certified to do the work and how long they have been in business for. If they are a good firm they will be happy to give a written guarantee because they have confidence in the standard of their work, whereas a cowboy outfit will be uncomfortable with giving anything in writing, the same goes for estimates, but always allow the plumber to assess the job on site, never expect a quote over the phone.